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Safer Guests & Members

At Piranha Swim Team, the safety of our guests and team members is our #1 priority! We are working to help ease your mind and ensure that we are providing you the safest experience possible for your children to jump back in the water.

Please read the procedures below that we have implemented to create a safer environment and a greater experience for everyone in our facility.

● SYMPTOM CHECKLIST: All families entering the facility must complete a self assessment prior to their arrival. Anyone experiencing any symptoms must stay home.

● PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: We appreciate all members and children wearing face masks and gloves in our facility. For safety reasons, children will not wear face masks while in the pool area. Kindly use hand sanitizer before entering and after exiting the pool area.


● TEMPERATURE SCANS: Your children’s temperature will be taken as well as parents who wish to be around the pool area.

● LIMITED OCCUPANCY: We will allow parents to be around the pool in groups of 5 for 10 mins per group.

● SWIM-READY RULE: Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your lesson. Swimmers must come dressed for lessons as changing area will not be available prior to swimming.

● EFFICIENT EXIT: Our staff will help your children to exit safely and will escort them to you outside the pool.

● SOCIAL DISTANCE: Please keep a proper distance between each parent and your children.

● SHOWERS: As stated in Jordan Olympic Committee safety procedures; shower area will be close at this time, please make sure your children take a shower at home before arriving to their classes.

● SYMPTOMS: If our staff notice any symptoms they have the right to ask the student to leave the class and we will arrange accordingly with the parents


Contact Us

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